Watch This Guy Secretly Record His Wife Beautifully Sing 'Riptide'

The internet is completely charmed by her voice and backstory.

Vance Joy's "Riptide" has had a long tail, gaining success in his native Australia in 2013 before breaking in the US and Europe last year. It's about to get another viral boost thanks to a YouTube cover version that even this cold-hearted cynic must admit has an adorable backstory.

YouTube user Tj McConahay secretly filmed his wife covering the song, explaining, "She is so talented and I knew I shouldn't be the only one to get to hear her play — so I hid a camera." In just two days, the clip has amassed a quarter of a million views.

Now, before you start hating on this for its twee overload, realize that the husband apparently did it to help his wife regain the confidence to return to performing.

"She used to sing, perform and write lots of songs back in college," he writes. "The reason she hasn't really performed in long time is because she developed vocal nodes several years ago. Since then her confidence in her voice has been shot, only really singing in church. This post has been healing for her."

Very heartwarming. Or very cunning guerrilla marketing (there's that cynic again!). Either way, solid cover.