9 Movies On Netflix To Match Your Valentine's Day Mood

Instant streaming romance.

With Valentine's Day falling on a weekend this year, it's basically a given that you'll be spending at least part of the day curled up on the couch, watching Netflix.

The good news: Whatever your romantic status -- be it happily coupled, hopelessly yearning, or contentedly devoted to a giant bowl of cheese dip -- there's a perfect love story currently streaming to match your Valentine's mood.

  1. The movie: "Sleepless in Seattle"

    Watch it if: You're in a committed relationship, yet you feel the most terrible, magical yearning for some guy you just met on Reddit.

  2. The movie: "Sense and Sensibility"

    Watch it if: You're in the mood for an old-fashioned English love story... or for Severus Snape wearing breeches, reading romantic poetry.

  3. The movie: "Silver Linings Playbook"

    Watch it if: You worry that you're too much of a basket case to ever find true romance.

  4. The movie: "Don Jon"

    Watch it if: You prefer a quiet Valentine's Day at home, alone, watching... movies.

  5. The movie: "She's All That"

    Watch it if: Your unibrow is the only thing holding you back from landing the prom date of your dreams.

  6. The movie: "Safe Haven"

    Watch it if: You can't even think about looking for love because you're so (ahem) haunted by your last relationship.

  7. The movie: "Jane Eyre"

    Watch it if: You're on your own for Valentine's Day, but no worries: He's totally going to marry you just as soon as he can divorce his crazy wife.

  8. The movie: "Cold Mountain"

    Watch it if: You're having second thoughts about your long-distance relationship.

  9. The movie: "Seven"

    Watch it if: Valentine's Day? F--- Valentine' Day. You hate the world and everyone in it.