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Taylor Swift Can Basically Predict Her Future: Watch Her 'Shake It Off' In 2008

Mind. Blown.

Taylor Swift can basically predict her own future.

While on the red carpet for this past weekend's Grammys, the "Style" singer caught up with Ryan Seacrest, who surprised her with an interview clip from 2008.

Taylor was a little nervous about what she was about to witness, since as put it, she was a "bit mouthy" when she was 18. Turns out, the country star was talking about how she deals with breakups back then.

In the throwback clip, Ryan says to Taylor: "When you meet someone that you connect with and maybe you do learn from that and grow from that and you take something away from that, that's what you're saying ..."

Taylor, who was rocking her Fearless-era long curly hair, then responds, "You learn. I'm just trying to shake it off."

Mind. Blown.

On the 2015 Grammys carpet, Taylor clarified that the 2008 interview wasn't the inspiration for her hit song "Shake It Off," the first single off 1989, but that doesn't mean she wasn't left a bit stunned by the old Seacrest interview.

"Wow, that's weird," Taylor said after watching the clip. "That's wild, wow. That's crazy. I guess I used to just say that a lot."