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Drake Previews New Music In His 15-Minute Short Film 'Jungle'

Now, where's that mixtape...

We've been waiting on a rumored Drake mixtape for some time now, and though we didn't get that on Thursday morning (Feb. 12), we did get a taste of some of what Drizzy's been working on.

Early this morning, the rapper dropped "Jungle," an almost 15-minute short film that takes us around Toronto and Drake's mind.

DRAKE ~ JUNGLE from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

It opens with him sitting the backseat of a car, driving through a winding, empty road, sounding somewhat distraught.

"I'm not losing it, though, I'm just venting," he says, finishing up his opening monologue. "I'm not worried. It's already too late for these guys, trust me. I'm just more worried about myself. You know? I just gotta come home."

Not only does he come home with newly-shot footage in T. Dot for the film, but he also treats us to some old home footage along the way, including a scene where a young, bushy-haired, glasses-wearing Aubrey sings with his dad, and then raps the Fugees' "Ready or Not."

The only other times we hear the OVO Sound rapper on the mic, musically, is at the six-minute mark, briefly, and again at the very end, during the credits, when a previously-unheard beat drops and Drake sings the intro.

Another highlight of the Karim Huu Do-directed film, for me, at least, was when Drake uses that accent from the "DnF" video. It's great stuff.

Hopefully this means we'll be getting the full version of that closing track -- and plenty others -- very soon.