Let A Nude Steven Yeun Show You The Naked Wonders Of A Korean Spa

Sweat out those toxins, bro.

After the hard, dirty work of battling hordes of zombies with his bare hands, Steven Yeun deserves a day of rest. A naked day of rest, surrounded by other naked, resting dudes, one of whom is Conan O'Brien.

It was pure, zen relaxation when Steven and Conan got together for a trip to a Korean spa, with a team of videographers following them throughout their day of beauty -- beginning with a stern warning at check-in that engaging in sexual activity at the spa would get them banned for life.

There is, however, plenty of non-sexual nakedness to enjoy here! In fact, it looks like Steven and Conan spent the vast majority of their visit in their birthday suits, in a sweaty sauna full of elderly gentlemen in their birthday suits, so there's that for you to look forward to.