Breaking Down The Iconic 'Laguna Beach' Valentine's Day Episode -- 10 Years Later

There were flowers, chocolates and most importantly, LOBSTER.

A decade ago, three teens from Laguna Beach -- Stephen Colletti, Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari -- commemorated Valentine's Day in truly unique soap opera fashion that could only be associated with these unforgettable MTV alums. There was the dreamboat surfer dude juggling his former girlfriend and dearest childhood friend, there were trademark activities and purchases associated with the big day, there were some shocked faces and oh, there were LOTS of embraces. And just like all of us have felt one time or another, there was a bit of negative sentiment:

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we're commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the trio's Hallmark holiday celebration with a breakdown of all of the romantic action spread out among the trio. So grab your Sweeties and relive all of the gooey goodness below:

  • Love is certainly in the air

    During a trip back home, Lo made sure to introduce her boyfriend to her bestie.

  • Got any plans, LC?

    Totally get that, girl.

  • Meanwhile, romantic meals are par for the course

    And showing up at your on-again off-again possibly-on-again girlfriend's abode armed with an elaborate floral arrangement gives you major bonus points.


    Sorry, Sebastian, but you looked mighty tasty.

  • Nom nom nom

    Mmmm, melted butter.

  • Smiling and side eye

    Engaged in an intense stare-down -- with their trademark expressions.

  • Another day, another lady

    Grooming was key if you had two Valentines. Oh, and shaving shirtless.

  • Surprise, Lauren!!!!!

    This was the dreamboat's look when he unexpectedly showed up at his longtime pal's home with some very special treats. Oh, and why not stick out your tongue a la Miley Cyrus?


    SC made sure his buddy had a special day. Our hearts are officially dancing.

  • And hand-selected chocolates too?

    As Lauren's dad later pointed out, candies mean "I love you."

  • Oh, just these two gazing at each other

    Like they'd done through the years.

  • Farewell, for now

    Stephen officially made Lauren feel like a very special lady before heading back to San Fran. And we're all officially melting.

+ What was your favorite moment from the special Valentine's episode? Share your memories, and for a real treat, catch a full glimpse of Stephen, K-Cav and LC below!