Seth Rogen Knows Alzheimer's Is No Joke, But He Thinks Charity Can Be Hilarity: Watch

This cause is no laughing matter for Seth, and he'll come to your school to prove it.

Seth Rogen isn’t just taking over the comedy world. With the help of college students, he might also be the person who leads the way for an Alzheimer’s cure.

Don’t be surprised — this is a very personal issue for him. Rogen didn’t really think about Alzheimer’s until he met his wife, Lauren Miller. Miller had lost her grandfather and grandmother to Alzheimer’s, and then her mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 55, when Miller was 25.

Rogen was able to see firsthand the challenges and grief brought on by Alzheimer’s. He turned to comedy and entertainment as a way to raise funds for this cause, creating Hilarity for Charity. HFC U is the facet that specifically gets colleges and college students involved. To tell us more, Rogen, Miller and their distractingly adorable dog Zelda filmed a special, exclusive video for MTV.

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Not sure how to get involved? Their official website makes it easy, with support, instructions and guidelines. You have until April 11 to raise the most money and, as Rogen said, he will give special rewards for people who bring in the most cash for the cure. And this is a charity campaign that really lets you get creative — you can hold danceathons and variety shows and even Instagram scavenging hunts (because why not).

If you want to create a team, donate to an already existing team, or join an event, head on over here to their Crowdrise page. Think of it this way: you can raise money by doing a comedy routine in a variety show, possibly hang out with Seth Rogen (ask him to bring his dog) while watching “Superbad” with your friends, and get us closer to the cure for Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is something that affects everyone, including young people, and this is no doubt the most enjoyable way to fight against it. As Rogen would say, "Alzheimer's sucks," but finding a cure doesn't have to.