Is Obama Starting A War With ISIS? Here's What You Need To Know Now

'Our coalition is strong, our cause is just, and our mission will succeed,' says Obama.

At 3:30pm ET today, President Obama addressed the country with an answer to a question we are all thinking: What are we going to do about ISIS?

The extremist terrorist group has been attacking the people of Syria and Iraq and threatening other countries by holding hostages for ransom. Just yesterday, it was confirmed they were involved in the death of 26-year-old American activist Kayla Mueller, who had been held hostage by the group since 2013.

Obama's answer to the ISIS question is to ask Congress to authorize the use of force against the group. It has been 13 years since a president has asked for a war powers vote, so it is not something that is done unless there is a strong case for it.

Here's What Obama Wants:

  • There will be no U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq or Syria.

    The proposed authorization does not mean ground combat forces -- like in Afghanistan or Iraq after 9/11. While there are men and women in uniform on army bases in Syria and Iraq, they will not be engaging in ground combat. Instead, the authorization permits a series of air strikes, as well as interventions that will prevent future terrorists attacks, and allows humanitarian assistance to the citizens of Syria.

  • The authorization is limited to 3 years.

    The authorization is limited to 3 years. This isn't a time table, it just means that the next president will have to review it sometime in 2018.

  • Obama believes there is only one option.

    "We are ultimately going to degrade and destroy this group," said Obama. He later said, "Long after the terrorists we face today are destroyed and forgotten, America will continue to stand free and tall and strong.”