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Best-Friend-At-Large Taylor Swift Gives A Random Fan Relationship Advice

She sees all.

Taylor Swift, how did you become everyone's best friend? Seriously. The gifts. The Taylurking. And now this: Swift recently reached out to a fan on Tumblr and not only dispensed some pretty awesome love advice, she also made the girl a custom-made playlist. Add a giant tub of ice cream and a huge bottle of wine (for those of age), and you have some pretty solid best-friending.

"When I first saw she replied I was honestly in shock," Kasey Andrew, the fan in question, told BuzzFeed. "I had only posted a couple of things and I couldn’t believe she saw my post about him breaking up with me. I couldn’t believe somebody like Taylor Swift was taking the time to comfort me, to give me boy advice.”

And comfort her T-Swizzle did, with wise words and catchy jams (not a Swift song in sight) from the likes of Artists To Watch MisterWives.

I'm pretty sure that Taylor Swift is the patron saint of breakups. Every single one of us, I wager, has found solace in one of her tunes after our hearts has been smashed (I will admit to you, my friends, that I danced with wild abandon to "I Knew You Were Trouble" after a boy who was indeed "trouble" broke up with me). Now, it seems, she's giving one-on-one sessions to the broken-hearted (you know, aside from famous folks like Selena Gomez).

Check out Swift's exchange with Andrew below:


taylorswift I hope you see this but we’ve been together for 4 months, he just texted me and told me he was done with me. Gave me no reason and kept trying to get me to do irrational things to get him back. Now he’s calling me names and I just feel crumbled. I don’t know what to do