The Closest Calls In 'Challenge' Elimination Round History

Adam and Brittany vs. Johnny and Averey is the latest in a long line of nail-biters.

Fingernails getting a little lengthy and can't seem to find the clipper? Tune in to "The Challenge," and you'll have gnawed off the gnarliest of 'em in no time!

On Tuesday night's "Battle of the Exes 2" episode, the couples had to put their brains and brawn to the test in "Don't Forget About Me," a puzzle/hiking hybrid from hell that left 'em all desperate for breath. But the real high-octane battle began in the eventual elimination round between Adam and Brittany and Johnny and Averey.

In "Stacking Up," which faded away into a cliffhanger, the teams were tasked with fashioning a skimpy tower out of milk crates, climbing to the top and ringing a bell. And no matter which duo walks away the victor, it's clear it will have been by the skin of their teeth.

Still, close calls are the fun of the show, and there have been plenty offered up across 26 seasons. Look back at some of the elimination rounds that left us anxiously shielding our eyes, and be be sure to tune in to the next "Battle of the Exes 2" episode Tuesday night at 11/10c to see who comes out on top!

    Brad vs. Landon, "Duel II"
    Landon was the clear top dog of "Duel II" and won more than half of the game's challenges. Unfortunately, the game's final elimination round signaled his swan song, and right before the final mission, Brad took him out -- by a hair -- in "Back Off." Aneesa vs. Laurel, "Free Agents"
    Laurel's one of the most feared competitors in the game, but she certainly had her work cut out for her against Aneesa in "Oppenheimer." And though Laurel ultimately came out with the W, it was, as Theresa pointed out, by milliseconds. Tonya vs. Diem, "The Ruins"
    Most Challengers had their money on Diem to win the very first "Ruins" elimination round, but Tonya -- the game's little engine that could -- had no plans to accept defeat. And though she started off "Shoots and Ladders" at a deficit, she caught up when it mattered most and squeaked out a win over Diem. Paula and Jeff vs. Evelyn and Luke, "Fresh Meat 2"
    Paula's been accused once or twice of being a scared competitor, but she showed no fear in the third "Fresh Meat 2" Ex-ile. Throughout the six-mile run, she bore into her partner Jeff like a drill sergeant, but her efforts were ultimately in vain, as Evelyn and Luke took the W in a true nail-biter. Laurel vs. Camila, "Cutthroat"
    Though Laurel's never lost an elimination round, she's had her fair share of close calls. In "Die Hard," competitors had to move a life-sized die into a corresponding square with a predetermined number facing up, and Team Gray's Alpha Female nearly lost it in the last turn. Johnny and Tyler vs. Adam and CT, "Rivals"
    Adam and CT had a mile-long lead toward the end of "T-Bone," the show's final elimination round, but Adam lost some serious steam in the final steps. Sensing his struggle, Johnny and Tyler kicked things into high gear and ousted the team that could have very easily won the whole thing. Aneesa vs. Tori, "Duel II"
    During the "Duel II," Aneesa assumed the role of resident executioner, sending every opponent she faced packing. Still, Tori proved to be a particularly tough battle, and when Aneesa finally knocked her opponent out of "The Elevator," she was physically spent and emotionally drained.