Watch Everything You Need To Know About How To Hide A Fart

Check out this video. (Then maybe check your underwear.)

Tonight on "Guy Code", the cast is talking about everyone's favorite bodily function: farts. From "Silent-But-Deadlies" to full-blown "Blow Horns," there are almost as many types of farts as there are pleas from your roommates to "Please stop!" Farts are timelessly funny and a great way to torture your friends, but even the biggest gas enthusiast knows that there are some situations when stinking up the room is a pretty big a-hole move. Unfortunately, there are some that just sneak away from you.

What is a gassy person to do about those ones that get out? Fear not. We put together the explosively informative above video that's sure to have your ass covered next time you accidentally break the ice by cutting the cheese.

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