YA Novel 'Undertow' Is Just Another Terrifying Thing About The Sea

Check out the thrilling trailer.

"The Little Mermaid" and all manner of Disney-fied fairytales have convinced us that "everything is better down there where it's wetter," but the opposite is true in New York Times bestselling author Michael Buckley's upcoming YA book, "Undertow." Just check out the creeptastic trailer MTV News has today for exclusive premiere.

Pretty dramatic, no? "Undertow" tells the tale of Lyric Walker, a teen from Coney Island who witnesses thousands of Alpha warriors -- kind of like mermaids -- emerging from the sea. Naturally, the world is thrown into turmoil over the intrusion of the ocean-dwellers, but something else lurks on the horizon that could destroy them all. Oh, and there's also a hot Alpha named Fathom, naturally.

The book -- the first in a series -- isn't out until May 5, but you can get yourself stoked by watching the above trailer on loop and staring at the pretty, pretty cover.