Stylist Akeem Smith Is Putting His Magic Touch On This Season's VFiles Made Fashion Show

We're just a few hours out from the Fall/Winter 2015 VFiles Made Fashion show, and we can barely contain our excitement! VFiles' downtown headquarters is no doubt buzzing with frenetic energy as they get ready to show the latest collections from Di$count Univer$e, Ximon Lee, Andrea Jiapei Li, and Julia Seemann, and it's basically all up to one man to make sure the full looks are on lock: stylist Akeem Smith.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Akeem is a styling wunderkind and his cutting-edge aesthetic has been integral to the meteoric success of Hood By Air (in conjunction with the Shayne Oliver's prescient design mind, of course). Watch what happened when we caught up with him just as he was sinking his teeth in to this class of VFiles designers' collections.