Humane Society of Tampa Bay

The Zombie Cat's Original Owner Is Suing For Custody

This feel-good story is turning into a legal drama.

The "zombie cat" that dug himself out of a grave may have nine lives, but so does the soap opera surrounding his custody.

Bart the Cat was supposed to go home to his owner Ellis Hutson once he recovered from surgery after getting hit by a car and spending five days in the ground, but the Humane Society of Tampa Bay argued Hutson was not fit to care for the animal. Now, USA Today reports Hutson has sued the Humane Society for custody of Bart.

Hutson's lawsuit accuses Sherry Silk, Humane Society executive director, of keeping the cat to increase fundraising and retaliate for a prior disagreement, among other claims. But the Humane Society thinks it should retain custody based on Hutson's alleged past behavior with animals, and the fact that, well, he did bury Bart alive.

In response to the lawsuit, the Humane Society said it will "review all legal options to keep Bart safe and secure."