Move Over, Oscars -- It's Time To Present The 'Catfish' Awards

Before the show's Season 4 premiere, we're looking back at its best moments ever -- with more to come!

This year's Golden Globes have been handed out, and the 2015 Grammys now decorate their rightful owners' homes. But before you pack away your best gown or tux, consider that there's one last ceremony that's most certainly worth your time.

No, not the Oscars -- the "Catfish" Awards, naturally!

For three seasons and across the continental United States, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph have been committed to exposing Internet fiends who lie about their identities and, occasionally, bringing two online, star-crossed daters together. And since the guys' very first expedition to Arkansas, they've unearthed some truly memorable characters, heard some particularly troubling tales and, presumably, generated two lifetime's worth of nightmares that feature slow-clapping.

Before MTV's most noteworthy sleuths hit the road for Season 4 on February 25 at 10/9c, we decided to take a look back at the most compelling bits of their travels through a series of well-deserved "Catfish" Awards. Help us congratulate the first four winners below, stay tuned to MTV News for eight more trophy presentations and tell us if you think we're guilty of any serious snubs!

    Most Unapologetic Catfish: Alicia
    Aaliyah would have gone to hell and back to meet her Internet crush Alicia. Unfortunately, the latter was barely willing to travel through her house's backdoor, and when the ladies finally came face to face, Alicia -- who admitted to leading Aaliyah on -- proved to have all the contrition of a Rihanna album. Most Memorable Line: Carmen's "Fat-ass Kelly Price"
    If you thought "How rude!" or "Did I do that?!" were iconic bits of TV dialogue, you clearly missed out on Antwane's "Catfish" episode. In the midst of the man's search to meet his crush -- and hopefully get to the bottom of his potential love story -- Antwane's cousin Carmen confessed that she'd made up the character of "Tony" and explained she'd decided to con Antwane all because he once called her a "fat-ass Kelly Price." A linguist's dream... Most Shocking Reveal: Justin's Slow-clap
    Generally speaking, a round of applause is reserved for a happy occasion, but on "Catfish," the act simply led to terror. In Season 2, a man named Artis -- who was in a perfectly happy relationship -- nevertheless decided to find out once and for all if his Internet crush Jess was real. Instead, he stumbled upon the self-professed cheating police -- otherwise known as a man named Justin -- who proceeded to greet Artis with a reception befitting a horror movie. Most Surprising Twist: Dee Pimpin's Switcharoo
    We knew Keyonnah's "Catfish" story was a long shot when she shared that she'd been exchanging romantic messages with a person she genuinely believed was Bow Wow, but we were still totally shocked when, instead, a woman named Dee Pimpin revealed herself to be Keyonnah's suitor. And though Keyonnah explained that she was straight, Dee Pimpin wasn't remotely discouraged in her quest to woo Keyonnah.