'Real World' Poll: Can Tony Stay Faithful To Madison?

Tadison are official, but can the notorious ladies' man really settle down?

Just ask Madison and Tony: When it comes to hooking up romance, "the hearts wants what it wants." And on last night's episode of "Real World: Skeletons," after the handsome Southerner realized just how much he cared for the blond beauty, Tadison became official. But will the notorious smooth-talker be able to keep his word and remain loyal to Bubbles?

It certainly may be a challenge: Before T and M became BF and GF -- and shortly after two of his ex-girlfriends departed the Windy City -- the Louisianian had already gone back to his merry flirtatious ways. Tony's indecisive behavior, coupled with a pep talk from Violetta and Sylvia, made Madison realize that she needed to stand up to Tony and tell him exactly how he's hurt her during their time under the same roof. Trust -- she held nothing back.

"You come in my bed whenever you don’t get a girl home — and like f**ked with my head and played with my emotions," Madison exclaims in the clip above. While weeping, she stated that she hasn't been able to open up to anyone like this since overcoming her drug addiction -- and declared that she has no desire to even talk to him anymore.

With those tear-tinged words, Madison gave Tony the wake-up call he needed to understand that his pre-Madison plan to avoid getting into a serious relationship during his "RW" stint wasn't quite a reality -- and he should allow his feelings to take control. So, with that, the couple joined the rare ranks of other past "RW" alums who decided to exclusively date.

"I can't deny it -- I want to be with you," Tony confessed during a conversation -- in the bathroom, of all places. "I didn't expect this." While he revealed that his broken heart (at the hands of former love Alyssa) has made him afraid of fully giving himself to someone else, he told M that he wanted to embark on the journey together.

But that doesn't mean Tony is entering this new territory with complete confidence: In a separate interview, he admitted -- with a big grin no less -- that he has doubts about being able "to do this." But what do you think? Do you believe that Tony can remain faithful to Madison? Or will he trickle back to his non-committal ways? Take our poll, share your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to catch a new episode of "Real World: Skeletons" on Tuesday at 10/9c!

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