Is 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Responsible For A Huge Spike In Sex Toy Injuries?

There's safe sex ... but there's also safe sex.

We already knew that sex toy sales have skyrocketed since "Fifty Shades Of Grey" became a blockbuster hit -- but so, it turns out, have mishaps involving them.

The number of people visiting the emergency room for injuries involving sex toys has approximately doubled in America since 2007, according to research from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. That's just what happens when n00bs try out hardware in the bedroom.

As the Washington Post explains, much of the surge occurred in 2012-13, after the "Fifty Shades Of Grey" trilogy became a blockbuster.

As you might guess, the vast majority of these ER-worthy injuries (83%) involved something getting stuck inside of someone. The Post analyzed the data further, and found that "the median sex toy injury victim is a middle-aged man." On the whole, 58% of the patients are male, and the median male age is 44, while the median age for female patients is 30.

Luckily, 71% of the injuries were non-serious, and no deaths have been recorded. But maybe it's time we all take a moment to read the instructions on our new toys before getting freaky?