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Team FPC For The Win: Vinny Guadagnino And Pauly D Are Reuniting

The two will chat tomorrow on the premiere of Vinny's brand-new Podcast.

Slap on a headband and iron out your favorite track suit: Team FPC is back and ready to entertain.

Former "Jersey Shore" cast member Vinny Guadagnino, who demonstrated some serious interviewing chops as the host of MTV's "The Show with Vinny," is ready for another media venture -- he's launching his very own Podcast! And, if you weren't already on board, his first confirmed guest is none other than former Seaside Heights bro Pauly D. So maybe an official "J-Shore" reunion isn't in the works, but this'll do for now!

"This is a great way for me to engage with fans, give them some really cool interviews with my celebrity friends, and let them see more of my personality than they ever have before," Vinny told All Access Music Group after spreading the news of his latest project.

"Gettin Into It With Vinny G," which premieres tomorrow, will be produced by PODCASTONE, which just so happens to also oversee "Naturally Nicole," the Podcast Vin's former housemate Snooki delivers once a week. The company has certainly got its market cornered!

Excited to hear about Vinny and Pauly joining forces to shoot the sh** once more? Tell us what you hope they discuss, and be sure to listen in to the premiere episode tomorrow!