Colton Haynes Says That 'Arrow' Is About To Change... FOREVER

A cryptic tweet from the actor teases something major in the works.

In a season where Oliver Queen has already a) died, b) been resurrected, and c) been brutally rejected upon his return by a fiercely pissed-off Felicity, it's hard to imagine that "Arrow" has any more shocking, game-changing plotlines left to play with.

Apparently, though, the show is planning on shaking things up again -- imminently. A tweet from Colton Haynes all but confirms that something huge is in the works right now.

Scenes that will not just define the season, but irreversibly alter the entire "Arrow" universe? What is happening in Star City?!

With just one cryptic tweet to go on, we'll have to wait and see. But in the meantime, here are few good guesses about what this wild, dynamic-changing development might be.

  1. Thea learns the truth.

    Oliver's little sis has been right on the brink of learning his big secret more times than we can count. She's got to find out eventually, and the Ollie/Thea sibling relationship is so central to the show that having her know the truth would absolutely change errthing. Could the reveal we've been anticipating since season one be just around the corner?

  2. Felicity says, "See ya."

    Nothing changes the whole dynamic of a show quite like the departure of a core cast member, and losing Felicity (perhaps to Center City and the Star Labs team?) would be huge... and terrible. Fortunately, it seems unlikely; even if that will-they-or-won't-they arc with Oliver is dunzo, Felicity is still the tie that binds the entire A.T.O.M. plot to "Arrow."

  3. Diggle loses his family.

    Lyla and little Sarah are existing under pretty much the constant threat of death these days, which makes it increasingly likely that either a) they'll actually, legitimately die, or b) they'll get so sick of almost dying that they pack their bags and move to Des Moines.

  4. Oliver loses his bow... or worse!

    What could change the dynamic of a show called "Arrow" more than the titular Arrow being unable to shoot, y'know, arrows? Imagine the series-altering possibilities if Oliver lost his bow and arrows -- or horror of horrors, one of his hands.

  5. Roy is Oliver's son.

    To be filed under basically-impossible-but-definitely-gamechanging: What if Roy is actually, secretly the long-lost child of Oliver Queen? Yes, it's a stretch -- among other things, it would make him an exceptionally large and well-developed 7 year-old -- but it still wouldn't be the weirdest thing ever to happen on this show.

  6. Arsenal and the Canary hook up, in a non-professional capacity.

    That basement lair under the nightclub is a hotbed of sexual tension, and it's about time that somebody succumbed to it. Our money is on Roy and Laurel; their becoming a couple would definitely change the dynamic of the show, in that it would piss off basically everybody.

  7. Or, Arsenal and the Arrow hook up... in a non-professional capacity.

    The only thing that could shake up the vigilante team more than an Arsenal-Canary love connection: A scene in which Diggle walks in on Roy and Oliver, furiously making out on top of the salmon ladder. No, shhhhh, don't say it can't happen, it could totally happen.