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Has The Next 'Deranged Sorority Girl' Been Found On Facebook?

Another student is the talk of her campus ... and she hasn't even arrived yet.

Update: The original "Deranged Sorority Girl," Rebecca Martinson, is not amused. "You just screwed yourself with that Facebook post by identifying yourself as a snobby try-hard, and even though your name is blurred out I can guarantee you that you’ll be blacklisted from every sorority at USC," Martinson writes at BroBible. "[W]hy would you want to make your first impression to your entire class of 2019 to be that you’re an entitled little tw--?" Even if "this is a joke," Martinson adds, it's still an "idiot" move. Read her full NSFW post here.

Ever since the original "Deranged Sorority Girl" got legit with a successful career in writing and blogging, there's been a void in American college life. But one future South Carolina Gamecock is ready to be the new deranged sorority girl America needs, based on the over-the-top, classist, slightly sociopathic-sounding and completely hilarious post she dropped on the University of South Carolina Class of 2019 Facebook page.

Spotted by Total Sorority Move, the college-bound student's post claims she's the "top bitch" in her school and she only associates "with an elite group of people." If you're not in a fraternity or sorority, "at least a 9/10 or you're letting me copy your homework," with rich parents who have two vacation homes outside the continental U.S., then you are mere riffraff in this girl's eyes. She won't even follow trash like that on Twitter.

Sounds like the soon-to-be-freshman has it all figured out! Although, she might wanna double-check the USC curriculum on that "majoring in frat boys with an emphasis on beer and a minor in mixed drink" plan.

Someone please fund a documentary crew to follow her around for the next four years to see if Greek life at a major public university lives up to her lofty expectations.