'The Daily Show'

Everyone Is Super Bummed About Jon Stewart Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

There's always work at Arby's.

Don't try to fake it. You're super bummed that Jon Stewart is leaving "The Daily Show" and are already scrambling to figure out where you'll get your starical news whenever he actually signs off.

But it's OK -- you're not alone. Not by a long shot. Here are all the other people who are just re-watching this clip over and over again as they cry quietly onto their iPad Mini.

Anderson Cooper

Josh Gad

Mindy Kaling

Carson Daly

Andy Cohen

Patton Oswalt

Ryan Seacrest

Billy Eichner

Daniel Tosh

Harry Shum Jr.

Larry Wilmore


Charlamagne Tha God


Seriously, we're all real sad.