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College Students Admit They Like Their iPhones More Than Sex

...and Instagram, beer, exercise and Snapchat.

The most common stereotypes about college kids usually have to do with heavy partying, smoking, drinking and hooking up. And while those things are definitely rampant at pretty much every campus in the country, it turns out that the thing students cherish the most is their precious, all-powerful friend: the iPhone.

Researchers from Student Monitor surveyed 1,200 U.S. undergrads last fall and asked them about “what’s in on campus.” They were given a list of 77 options, and the iPhone claimed the top prize with a whopping 66 percent of the votes.

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Coffee -- basically the only thing keeping college students alive, alert and thoroughly functional most of the time -- claimed the #2 spot.

The top 10 items actually say a lot about college students today, most notably they they’re definitely a tech-loving group. Besides the iPhone and coffee, the top 10 also included texting, Facebook, the iPad, Instagram and Snapchat. Drinking beer and working out rounded out the top 10, because every knows getting a beer belly and then trying to get rid of said beer belly is an all-too-common struggle.

According to The New York Times, via Fortune, the least popular things on the list were cigarettes, drugs, blogging, volunteering and being eco-friendly.

Surprisingly, “hooking up” only landed at #12, which probably means that the plot of the movie “Her” is happening a lot faster than we thought it would because we like our phones more than people. But hey, at least our lungs are doing OK.