This Instagram User Makes The Most Insane Videos: Watch

Bow down before the @finalcutking.

If you haven’t been following @finalcutking and double-tapping every one of his crazily edited videos, then you've totally been doing Instagram all wrong.

No worries, though. You can catch up on his best work with the clip reel below.

There’s the incredibly real looking “This Is How I Hitchhike” stunt, the fiery stop, drop and roll bit and “Extreme Gift-wrapping,” where he punctures through wrapping paper and comes out gift-wrapped on the other side.

Another one of the standouts is the eye-popping Macklemore and Ryan Lewis photobomb.

While The Heist duo pose for a photo shoot, King runs up in between them and spontaneously combusts into multiple Polaroids of himself in the shot.

Need more? Here are a few more of @finalcutking's best videos: