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Ariana Grande & Big Sean Are 'Wearing Each Other's Clothes' Official

We have a feeling Sean's not getting his shirt back anytime soon.

In every new relationship, there are certain mini-milestones that couples reach. We're happy to report that Ariana Grande and Big Sean have reached one such mini-milestone.

Is Sean letting Ariana borrow his car when he's out of town? Is Ari giving the "I Don't F--k With You" MC her mom's HBO Go password? Maybe, but we do know that they've taken the ever-important step of wearing each other's clothes. Because nothing brings two people closer together more than wearing the same old, worn-in sweats and mixing your scent with theirs.

The "One Last Time" singer traded in her usual glam crop tops and mini-dresses by posing in bed with bae’s vintage tee. She captioned the seductively sweet snap: “when u look cuter in his clothes than he does."

While we can’t argue that Ari wears the Tupac tee extremely well, we have to ask: Does she REALLY wear it better?

Let’s take a look at the shirt when it's on its rightful owner.

Sean gets points for expertly copying Tupac’s expression and for layering the look -- we’re heavily digging the camo coat. But, how can you deny little Ari swimming in that oversize tee?!

This one’s up to you: Does Ari or Sean wear it better? Sound off in the comments below!