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Ellen Gave Sam Smith Something Way Better Than Four Grammys

Four Grammys? PFFFFFFFFFFT. Gimme that onesie.

What's better than four Grammys? How about a onesie. Right? Right? Sam Smith knows what I'm talking about. Up top. *receives zero high fives*

Fresh off his four wins at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, the "Lay Me Down" singer popped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Tuesday (Feb. 10) to talk about his incredible night at the ceremony, his incredible night after the ceremony, and the less than incredible-feeling morning after the ceremony. "I had to put a lot of makeup on my face to not look red," he revealed.

Hopefully, Ellen's presents perked Sam right up. She got him custom-made onesie pajamas with the words "4x GRAMMY AWARD WINNER" stitched onto the back.

I'll take that over a Grammy any day. But I also thought "The Boy Next Door" was amazing, so bye.