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Watch Jamie Dornan And Jimmy Fallon Compare Calvin Klein Ads

Spoiler alert: both are hot. Literally.

Last night, Jamie Dornan appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" to promote Fifty Shades Of Grey (LBR, promotion or not, we're seeing that thing) and, inevitably, his old Calvin Klein ads came up.

A few years ago, Jamie posed for CK in just his underwear, and, as he explains, an editor nicknamed him "The Golden Torso." While he seems a little bit confused slash embarrassed by the whole thing, he has no reason to be. I mean, dang, look at those images. (Justin *who*, amirite?)

As luck would have it, Jimmy also posed for CK at one point, but that's about where their similar modeling experiences end. At first glance, it seems like either a fake "SNL" commercial or an ad "The Tonight Show" Photoshopped together, but it's actually a legitimate CK ad from 2001.

Jimmy also points out that in his own ad, he is *very* clothed, whereas Jamie is... not.

For the best three minutes of your day, watch the full video below!