'Challenge' Poll: Which 'Exes' Team Is The One To Beat?

'Don't Forget About Me' reinforced some partnerships -- and forced other competitors to question team potential.

If you placed early bets on any single "Battle of the Exes 2" team, you might want to consider that the odds have since shifted.

Upon successfully ousting top-tier team Johnny Bananas and Nany from the game, the show's remaining seven teams got a small-scale preview of the finals in "Don't Forget About Me," which many agreed was the most difficult mission they'd encountered. Each pair was challenged with memorizing a difficult puzzle at a mountain's base; they could only assemble it once they made it up to the summit. And if they didn't solve the teaser on the first try, they'd have to trek up and down until it was finished to TJ Lavin's satisfaction.

Oh, and did we mention that the puzzle was tucked beneath a 300-pound weight? Gotta have brains and brawn here, folks.

Some, like eventual winners Wes and Theresa, thrived on the pressure and completed the task without breaking a sweat, while others, like Zach and Jonna, struggled to commit the brain game's shapes to memory. And for previous front-runners Jordan and Sarah, the task came with quite a reality check.

"We are not the team we thought we were," Jordan said as he watched Sarah puke on Team Red's second ascent. "I am completely terrified that we won't reach the top of this hill."

Ultimately, though, it was rookie super-duo Adam and Brittany that had to settle for last place. And though they'd come through in three previous elimination rounds, they soon learned that Johnny and Averey, who similarly thrived on rounds in the Dome, would be their opponents, and that their most difficult match-up so far was in front of them.

Only one team will return from a game that's coming down to a photo finish...so who will it be? And, after tonight's grueling mission, which team do you see as the biggest threat? Cast your vote in the poll below, share your thoughts in the comments and be sure to catch the exciting conclusion of this Dome game on next week's episode, next Tuesday night at 11/10c!

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