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Does It Even Matter To You If NBC Anchor Brian Williams Lied About Iraq? [Poll]

The face of 'Nightly News' is in hot water over his Iraq and Katrina reporting.

Here's the thing about lies: Just like your mom said, once you start telling them it's kind of hard to un-tell them. That seems to be the shame spiral NBC Nightly News anchor and managing editor Brian Williams is stuck in at the moment.

Whether you get your news from Twitter, or Facebook or "The Daily Show," (but probably not, you know, the "Nightly News"), chances are you've heard about how Williams voluntarily decided to take a temporary leave of absence from his decade-long anchor gig on Saturday. The move came after reports surfaced that he might have repeatedly exaggerated his story about an incident in 2003 in which he's claimed the helicopter he was in took enemy fire while he was reporting on the Iraq War.

... And then that raised questions another story in which Williams claimed to have seen a body floating by in the otherwise dry French Quarter during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. A hotel manager recently insisted that the anchor must have "misremembered" the incident.

Considering that 43 percent of young people recently said they rank authenticity over content when they're consuming news and are just as likely to pick user-generated content as they are traditional media, does it really matter?

Well, here's what one of our most trusted names in news, Jon Stewart, had to say about it.

Now you tell us what you think.