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Sam Smith's Sophomore Album Is All About Honesty: 'I Do Still Have Problems'

They do say honesty is the best policy.

You'd think after having pretty much the best night ever at the Grammys, Sam Smith would take some time off to enjoy his four big awards. But he's already hard at work at album #2.

The "Lay Me Down" singer isn't wasting any time writing the follow-up to his hit album In The Lonely Hour, which, much like his debut, will have an overall theme: honesty.

"For my next record I've already started writing, and my plan is to be even more honest than I have been before," Sam told MTV News on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards. "As someone that consumes music, I hate it when I see celebrities and artists become polished and look like they've got loads more money and no problems. I do still have problems, and I'm going to have problems I really want to just show my human side."

In The Lonely Hour was certainly an album filled with heartbreak and tears, and while so many positive things have happened in Sam's life, his writing is still taking on a sad tone.

"I'm a melancholy person. I'm not actually, but my music is melancholy," he said. "Cause I get out all my feelings in my music so that I can be happy and enjoy nights like this."

Sam recently called it quits with boyfriend Jonathan Zeizel, which is unfortunate, but it may be beneficial for us since he may have found some new musical inspiration.

"I’m just going to try to fall in love and make them dump me so I can write another record,” Sam told us in December. “I always thought I would wait to write new songs, because I’ve got a long time to go before I’m even going to think of releasing, but I’ve already started writing some songs and have some ideas and stuff.”