These Dog-Like Robots Will Impress And Scare You: Watch

You can't even push them over with a swift kick. These guys try.

If you hadn't been able to tell by the arrival of self parking cars and even the fabled hoverboards from "Back to the Future II," the future is here. Perhaps nothing has made this more disturbingly clear than a recent announcement from robotics company Boston Dynamics, that they have developed an uncannily realistic dog-like robot who can scale stairs and hills, but who cannot be kicked down.

Spot, the newest creation from this Google-owned company, is heftier than your average dog at 160 pounds. He's also more resilient and reminiscent of our nightmares. In this video, we mere humans are offered a fascinating glimpse at our own inevitable demise capacity for innovation as we are introduced to this robotic creature, who is essentially unaffected by a series of swift kicks from humans.

Watch. Have your mind blown. Start constructing that bunker.

We don't even want to know what it snacks on.