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There's Actually Only 33 Grey Things In 'Fifty Shades' -- We Counted

I don't do monochrome.

There's one aspect of "Fifty Shades Of Grey," the highly anticipated feature-film adaptation of the worldwide bestselling novel, that fans have been dying to know about. It's clearly one of the most discussed aspects of the book, and of course will be a focus of much of the discussion surrounding the feature film adaptation when it hits theaters on February 13.

And having seen an early screening of the film, we can confirm: yes, there are a lot of different shades of grey in "Fifty Shades Of Grey." Not fifty, mind you, but here's everything we noticed in shades of grey throughout our viewing of the movie:

[There's a lot of cars and ties so we mostly counted them as one thing each. SORRY.]

1. Clouds

2. Buildings

3. Christian's hoodie

4. A bridge

5. Christian's ties

6. Christian's car

7. The elevator doors at Grey Enterprises

8. Christian's assistant's suit

9. Christian's suit

10. Macbooks

11. Christian's office couch

12. Anastasia's backpack

13. José's shirt

14. José's photo backdrop

15. Christian's hotel room lamp

16. Christian's hotel room bathroom

17. Christian's helicopter's doors

18. A satellite dish

19. Christian's Mom's bag

20. Anastasia's towel

21. Anastasia's bed at Christian's apartment

22. E-mail windows

23. Browser search window

24. Christian's tie used to bind Anastasia

25. Anastasia's college crest (with additional red design)

26. Katherine's shirt post-graduation

27. The electrical outlet in Anastasia and Katherine's apartment

28. A newspaper

29. The pillows in the bed at Anastasia's Mom's house

30. The highway

31. Christian's co-pilot's beard

32. Anastasia's Mom's car

33. Anastasia's blindfold

So there you go! Everything you ever wanted to know about "Fifty Shades of Grey." Case closed!