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Charli XCX Goes All Badass On This 'Shake It Off' Cover

Eff the haters.

Personal plea: Charli XCX, just go all the way punk/new wave/whatever already. Seriously. The best tracks on Sucker were the ones that sounded like, well, "Sucker." And this cover you just put out of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," well... kinda more badass than the original. Just saying.

Charli hit up BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge recently to perform her own spin on pal Taylor's now utterly ubiquitous jam. Layering in ample squealing guitars, screams and shouted "hey!"s, the "Boom Clap" singer turns an uplifting jam about not listening to the haters into a sneering battle cry.

Listen below and, uh, Charli, think about what I said.