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Meghan Trainor Sets The Record Straight About Her Harry Styles Duet

We'll hear 'Someday Maybe' someday, maybe.

Meghan Trainor had a duet with One Direction's Harry Styles, but apparently, it's not what we thought.

While the Internet was buzzing about "London Lights," a uke tune Trainor played on the radio once, the singer told MTV News on the Grammys red carpet that their duet is something completely different.

"No, our song is called 'Someday Maybe,'" Trainor clarified to MTV News, and anticipated our next question, which is, WHEN CAN WE HEAR IT?!? "And someday, maybe you'll hear it."

Clever, that Trainor gal.

Also, how much do you love Meghan's dad, her Grammy date? He was quick to weigh in on how rumors run rampant in his daughter's industry.