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Justin Bieber Visits The Mall, First Stop: Victoria's Secret

Robin Sparkles, where you at?

It turns out that Justin Bieber, professional bathroom stall prankster and generous underwear benefactor, gets just as bored as the rest of us. And what does a millionaire pop star do when they're bored?

Go to the mall. Duh.

Instead of making a ruckus at the Grammys this year Justin hit up the local mall, and while there's no confirmation as to whether or not he visited Claire's or f.y.e., he made time to do what any proud Calvin Klein spokesperson would: troll a Victoria's Secret store as hard as possible.

The "PYD" singer hilariously posed inside of a VS and uploaded the (unretouched) pic with the caption, "#mycalvins." Dannnnnng, Justin! I guess there's no love lost from performing at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, huh?

He also made time to capture this ~artsy~ black and white shot, with an equally ~artsy~ caption ("Dichotomy").

So, does going to the mall bring out Justin's serious, artistic side? Will window shopping at Aéropostale and the sweet, sweet aroma of hot Sbarro's pizza be the inspiration for his next album?! Fingers crossed.