This Owl Dance-Off Will Make Your Week: Watch

If you're dancing and not an owl, you're doing it wrong.

Adorable animals, you've done it again. Courtesy of wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz and her GoPro camera, we have what may be the first ever documented burrowing owl dance-off.

Set to the song "Back and Forth" by Aquadrop, it's clear that one of them might be the front man, but this is a contest where everyone wins. Commenters on YouTube agree (for once), calling for a longer version of the video with various different songs.

Even if there aren't more where this came from, we can all take away a few moves from this pair — even if it's the owl who looks like a literal sleeper hit. Losing a dance off by being too chill is not just a valid strategy, it's a baller move.