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Nikki Deloach Is Depressed Over The End Of 'Awkward,' Hopes Lacey Doesn't Get Fat

As the final season approaches, the actress looks back.

Letting go is never easy, but we might need the Jaws of Life to loosen Nikki Deloach's grip on her beloved "Awkward" character Lacey Hamilton.

For four seasons, Deloach has played the vain-but-compassionate mother of high school student Jenna Hamilton, and between delivering poison pen letters, sorting through Jenna's teenage angst and a recent pregnancy announcement, her character has been through a lot. But for all of her flaws, Lacey won't be missed any less when the show ends after its forthcoming final season, Deloach told Fashion and Style.

"I was just having this conversation with Barret [Swatek], who plays Ally -- I was saying to her, 'I’m so sad. I’m already so sad and mourning the loss of her,'” Deloach admitted. "I’m going to miss her so much. She’s been one of the best characters I’ve ever gotten to play in my life. I’m going to miss everything about her. I don’t know what I’m going to do! I hope I don’t go in a deep, dark depression."

And once the "Awkward" curtain is finally drawn, Deloach is crossing her fingers that Lacey and Jenna come to a true understanding. And, you know, that Lacey doesn't blow up like a balloon.

"I hope, really and truly, that Lacey is able to send Jenna off to college and have their relationship be in a good place and maybe, for once in her life, to feel like she did something right with her daughter," she revealed. "Also, I would love for Lacey not to get too fat while being pregnant!"

Are you, like Nikki, ready to cry a river over "Awkward"'s end? Share your thoughts, and be sure to check back with MTV News for more info on the show's final season!