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A Teen Got Fired For Tweeting About Her Job Before She Actually Started It

What she lost in paychecks, she made up for in Twitter glory.

Even though social media has been an embedded part of our daily lives for a decade, every now and then a story emerges of what not to do in this brave new world of status updates. The latest cautionary tale comes from a Texas teen who was fired from her job before her first day thanks to a tweet she posted complaining about the gig.

Twitter user @Cellla_ apparently thought she was posting the usual complaint about work on Feb. 6, ahead of her first day at a local pizzeria.

But soon the owner of the pizza parlor got word, and he took to Twitter to inform Cella that she wouldn't have to worry about coming in.

At first, there was speculation that the boss account was bogus, because his only prior tweet was from 2009. But he explained to another user that he signed on specifically because he heard about Cella's complaint. Buzzfeed captured it:

Plus, Gawker reports that a man by the name of Robert Waple is in fact the owner of Jet's Pizza based on LinkedIn. (Still, we hope Cella checked in with the real deal before making it official.)

She seems to be embracing the notoriety:

Was it really worth firing her over this, though? We've all dreaded dragging ourselves to work. Plus, she didn't even mention the place by name. And who knows, maybe she would've actually enjoyed the job if she gave it a chance?

But what's done is done. Since the story went viral, Cella has been ceaselessly retweeting notes of praise from around the world, while Waple was forced to defend his pizzeria's honor against others who claimed to have worked there and hated it.

While the world waits to see what @Cellla_'s next move is (we've contacted her to find out), Waple has once again extricated himself from the Twitterverse, sending a farewell and deleting his account.