Disney Princesses Look Even Better As Marvel Superheroes

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Elsa as Emma Frost?

Tiana as Storm?

Belle as a green-skinned She-Hulk?!

Oh, yeah: We are now officially, seriously yearning for an all-female Disney/Marvel universe mashup film that will, alas, probably never happen within our lifetimes. (Look how long it took to get Spider-Man back in the fold -- and he's just one guy.)

But with thanks to Tumblr artist Robby at Cartoon Cookie, we can dream! Specifically, we can dream while gazing starry-eyed at this glorious poster featuring 15 Disney princesses in full-on superhero regalia.

Cartoon Cookie

Clearly, these women were born to team up and fight crime -- especially Merida, who looks so much more comfortable slinging arrows in her Hawkeye outfit.

Meanwhile, this intra-franchise mega-mashup has the approval of at least one Hollywood honcho, with Joss Whedon tweeting his wholehearted approval.

Not for nothing, a Disney version of "Dollhouse" sounds like a pretty solid idea to us.