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'Hack My Life''s Brooke Van Poppelen Shares Some Of Her Favorite Life Hacks

Need that mani dry? There's a hack for that.

If your life is one long quest to find the ultimate short cut, or if you're a sucker for any chance to beat the system, truTV's new series "Hack My Life" will be the ultimate game changer. Show hosts Brooke Van Poppelen, former writer and producer for "Girl Code," and Kevin Pereira of "Attack of the Show" take real life life hacks from the internet and test to see if they actually hack it in real life.

We sat down with Van Poppelen to get the scoop on the best hacks she's learned from the show, as well as her own experiences as a seasoned New Yorker and resourceful girl on the go.

MTV: Do you have any girl-specific hacks you can share?

Brooke Van Poppelen: We have one coming up that shows you how to speed up drying a manicure. It’s painful, but it works.


MTV: Any beauty hacks from your own personal life?

Van Poppelen: If you are in between getting your hair colored, and you haven’t had a chance to get it fixed, but you have something important you have to kind of pull yourself together for, you can just do a coat of mascara on your grey hair and it blends easily. It’s just a quick little hack. I did it for headshots.

MTV: Any hacks you've picked up during your time in New York City?

Van Poppelen: Yes. In New York, everyone has tips for cutting down time in a line, for beating everyone off the subway and up the stairs so that they can get out first. The city just constantly turns you into a trickster. New York City is the home of the hacker.

A classic, and I think most people do this, is after you’ve ridden the train a few times on your find some marker -- for me, it was always this giant water stain and crack. You stand right there, and then you are always the first person out. You basically line up your subway car with the station exit. You can totally save time doing that. I certainly didn’t invent that, but that’s a true New Yorker hack. Know your cracks and stains on the wall, people.

MTV: What hack from the show do you use the most in real life?

Van Poppelen: I like any hack where I'm learning about a food short cut. We do this segment called Lazy Cook. It’s kind of funny, because I’m somewhat of a foodie, and Lazy Cook is somewhere in between. It’s things like, when you pick the stem of an avocado, if it’s green and ripe, that’s the one you should pick. Don’t squish it. Everyone is manhandling avocados, when all you have to do is flip up the remaining end of the stem. If it’s green, it’s good to go. It’s the day to day stuff where you’re like, I feel smarter for knowing that.


MTV: Are there any hacks that you hope to see in upcoming episodes?

Van Poppelen: Vinegar is amazing for everything. You can use vinegar and baking soda as shampoo. That’s my new thing. It is a money saver. It’s really environmentally friendly, and it’s supposed to make your hair feel awesome. You can clean everything with it. You can unclog your drain, you can clean the floors. You can put it in your dishwasher. It’s antibacterial. That mixed with lemon is a safe way to clean all of your appliances, kill germs, that kind of stuff. Vinegar hasn't been one of our "Hack All-Stars" yet, but hopefully next season.

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