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21 Pictures The Prove Happiness Is Dogs In Pajamas

The cat's pajamas are old news.

So many pleasant things in life get referred to as the cat's pajamas, which begs the question: Have you ever even seen a dog in pajamas? Because they are the best. If you're going to dress up your pooch, sleepwear is a cute and comfortable option that highlights the fact that they can't get a job. And if you'd never dress your dog, it's still impossible to hate on puppy-pjs after looking at these cozy canines.

  1. Sleepy Sheepy
  2. Grandpa Greyhound
  3. Embarrassed Hot Dog
  4. Chill-tastic Chihuahua
  5. Double Trouble
  6. Triple Threat
  7. Giraffe Dog
  8. Walking Bed Head
  9. Golden Sleeper
  10. Baby Blues
  11. Pass the Remote
  12. Case of the Mondays
  13. Sleeping Beauty
  14. "Don't make me go to school today."
  15. Morning Glory
  16. Polka Puggle
  17. The Candy Man
  18. Pajamas and Bananas
  19. Rockabye Buddy
  20. "This isn't my size."
  21. Big Spoon, Little Spoon