Anna Kendrick Is Performing At The Oscars... BUT WHAT?!

"Cups?" "On the Steps of the Palace?!" TELL US, ANNA.

She might not have landed a nomination for "Into the Woods" -- or "Pitch Perfect," tragically -- but Anna Kendrick will officially perform at the 2015 Oscars:

...But what does it mean?!

Realistically, when the Oscars hit planet Earth on February 22, we should expect Kendrick to hit one of her "Woods" jams, specifically her big number "On the Steps of the Palace." But since the song wasn't nominated, she could technically perform something from "The Last Five Years," or even "Pitch Perfect 2."

Or maybe she'll join Tegan and Sara and the Lonely Island crew for "Everything is Awesome?" That would certainly be awesome. But either way, let's take a second to fully freak out at how much more, well, awesome the Oscars just got.