Skydivers Narrowly Avoid Death From Nosediving Plane: Watch

Probably just gonna play "Pilotwings 64" next time.

Of all the things that could go wrong during a skydive, colliding with the plane that you jumped out of is probably pretty low on the average list of considered risks. It almost seems impossible; you're falling and the plane is, y'know, flying.

Well, a tandem pair of jumpers in Thailand was nearly clipped by their plane in midair, and the brush with death was caught by a GoPro camera.

It began as a routine jump in October (although the video hit YouTube earlier this week), when skydiving instructor Forest Pullman and his tandem passenger dove at about 13,000 feet. But a few seconds into their freefall, the plane nosedived right toward them. Pullman noticed it almost immediately, and can be seen pointing and trying to alert his partner.

This video will ruin your sh-t:

The plane glides in juuust above the divers, close enough for their drogue chute to get caught on the wing and ripped off. That contact sent them tumbling for a second, but Pullman quickly got the descent under control.

We have no idea how something like that would happen, and neither does the expert. "The pilot dove the airplane 180 degrees right at me and my tandem passenger," Pullman notes in the YouTube description. "I have never heard of this happening."

All we know is, a few inches difference and this video would've had a very different ending.