Brian Prahl/Splash News

Britney Spears Just Got A 'Piece' Of Pauly D In Vegas

The DJ was on stage at the pop star's concert -- leather accessories included.

In 2001, Britney Spears declared herself a slave to anyone within earshot, and in 2015, it seems Pauly D is very happy to return the favor.

The former "Jersey Shore" cast member, who has a history of being objectified by the pop princess (let's not forget the Great Lap Dance of 2011), stopped by the latest Britney: Piece Of Me show this weekend. And when Ms. Spears found Pauly perched in her audience, she took him on stage, strapped on some leather whosits and whatsits and made him look like a top seed at Circus Maximus. Hope he's insured!

"Life Made Thankyou @BritneySpears!" Pauly tweeted with the Instagram photo above. And if that wasn't enough of a distinction for the DJ, Britney also gave Pauly a special shout-out and autograph. What happens in Vegas might typically stay in Vegas, but Pauly rightfully jumped to share this particular moment with the world.