Taylor Swift Was Still Liking Fans' Tumblr Posts From Her Grammy Seat

And even tracked one down after the show...

Taylor Swift has been known to stalk her fans online. (Which only sounds creepy because it's actually really sweet.) But since Taylor was busy dancing, presenting awards and taking selfies with Sam Smith at the Grammys last night, we didn't think Taylor would have time to whip out her phone to see what her devoted Swifties were doing. We thought wrong.

The 1989 singer was liking her fans' Tumblr and Instagram posts all night long -- and even found one of her fans on Tumblr in the audience!

I mean, I know you're excited guys, but don't think you're unworthy! Taylor is just like us, remember? Except for the fact that she's literally a flawless demi-god with perfect legs.


While "taylurking," Taylor also found a fan in the audience who was blogging about the Grammys and met her!