Missed The Grammys? These 33 GIFs Will Explain Everything

Kanye and Katy and Yonce, oh my!

Did you miss the 57th Annual Grammy Awards last night? Let me sum it up for you in, like, 45 words: Sam Smith won all the awards, Rihanna wore all the tulle and Beyoncé stole all the thunder. Also, Prince showed up. Oh, and for once Taylor Swift was not responsible for the greatest dancing-in-the-audience GIF of the night. That honor belonged to Sir Paul McCartney.

Here, these 33 GIFs will explain everything.

  1. Katy Perry twirled her way onto the red carpet.
  2. While Rih brought That Rihanna Reign: Princess Edition™.
  3. And Nicki Minaj was just too everything to humanly process.
  4. Taylor Swift was a mermaid with legs.

    So, a human.

  5. Beyoncé stopped the world when she arrived.
  7. And Kanye West summed up my M.O. on Myspace circa 2004-06.
  8. Lady Gaga was basically like "YAAAASSSSS" during AC/DC's Grammy-opening performance.
  9. Ari brought the house down with an angelic rendition of the Harry Styles-penned "Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart."
  10. Pharrell was like "lol bye" after winning Best Pop Solo Performance for "Happy."
  11. You could hear a pin drop during Kanye's "Only One" performance.
  12. Nicki teamed up with Miley Cyrus to intro the next performer...
  13. Meghan Trainor and Nick Jonas recited onstage banter...
  14. ...that probably wasn't written by Bruce Vilanch.
  15. Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Questlove and ELO had an onstage bro-down for, like, 29 minutes.
  16. Ariana's big brother Frankie held it down in the audience.
  17. Pharrell threw in a "Hands up, don't shoot" reference at the end of "Happy."
  18. Paul McCartney forgot and then promptly remembered what cameras are.
  19. President Obama (!) showed up to encourage artists and their fans to take a stand against violence against women and girls.
  20. And Katy Perry sang "By The Grace Of God" -- easily one of her most powerful performances of all time.
    Getty Images
  21. Gaga and Tony Bennett were jazzy AF.
  22. Rihanna and Kanye were literally the best on "FourFiveSeconds."

    Paul, too.

  23. Prince brought #BlackLivesMatter to the Grammys stage.
  24. ILYSM.
  25. Kanye faked like he was gonna ambush Beck, Taylor Swift-style, when he won Album Of The Year over Beyoncé.
  26. Sia was at peak Sia.

    Kristen Wiig joined Maddie Ziegler to perform "Chandelier."

  27. Speaking of people being peak anything, here's Taylor Swift dancing in the audience at an awards show.

    Hay, Abigail.

  28. Finally, Beyoncé performed "Take My Hand, Precious Lord," which segued into Common and John Legend's performance of the Oscar-nominated "Glory" from "Selma."
  29. Queen.