Taylor Swift Took Photos With Everybody At The Grammys: See Them All

From Madonna to Sam Smith, Taylor posed with everyone!

As was made evident in Taylor Swift's intro to the Best New Artist award at the Grammys, Taylor has a lot of friends. But you don't need me -- or Taylor -- to tell you. Tay is buds with everyone from rappers to Victoria's Secret Angels and has the Instagrams to prove it.

With photographers aplenty at the Grammys on Sunday night, Tay didn't need a selfie stick for all the pics taken with her friends. Taylor -- a master mingler -- was snapped with everyone from Madonna to pal Sam Smith.

  1. Here she is with Kanye West.

    It seems like they finally reconciled!

  2. Sam Smith
  3. Her childhood BFF Abigail Anderson
  4. Hugging Kim Kardashian
  5. Peacing out with Jamie Foxx and daughter Annalise Bishop
  6. Telling secrets with Haim
  7. Cheesin' with Hozier
  8. Backstage with Madonna