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Katy Perry, Solange, Or Gwyneth Paltrow: Who Wore This Look Best?

Katy Perry went the austere route for her 2015 Grammys performance of "By the Grace of God", which followed a powerful message about ending sexual assault and domestic violence.

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She switched out of her sparkly Zuhair Murad dress (and changed her lavender hair back to black? Guess it was just a wig! *shrugs* ) in favor of a sleek white dress with attached floor-length cape. The look was simple, reverent, and totally appropriate.

After we finished wiping our eyes and swelling with feminism, we couldn't help but get a bit of fashion déjà vu after giving Katy's outfit a second look.

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Caped dresses are certainly nothing new—see Gwyneth Paltrow's Tom Ford gown from the 2012 Oscars—but they always make for a striking and memorable statement.

Katy's dress looks particularly like Solange's wedding dress from November 2014. Katy's ensemble lacked the flowing train and added a turtleneck, but still. Pretty uncanny.

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