Getty Images | Lester Cohen

Iggy Azalea & Jennifer Hudson Get Into 'Trouble' Shooting Their New Video

Plus, the Aussie rapper's getting into the director's chair for the first time.

Hollywood, Calif. -- Iggy Azalea is getting all Steven Spielberg on us, making her directorial debut in the music video for "Trouble" featuring Jennifer Hudson.

The pair began shooting earlier this month, and, based on images JHud posted of herself wearing a police uniform to Instagram, we're guessing "Trouble" is jam-packed with, well, exactly that.

When MTV News caught up with the duo at the rehearsal for their performance at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala, they wouldn't tell us much. "I can't give you all of the premise because it's already -- you already know more than you should," Iggy explained. But, they did give a little more context for the photos we've seen from the set.

"I will say Jennifer's character, I think you're kind of like the sassy, no beep-taking type of police boss lady," Iggy said, referencing JHud. "I am, I suppose, just a bit of an accidental Bonnie and Clyde that I've naively have fallen into the role that I don't really want to be into... She keeps it under control."

Iggy also promised "a lot of car stuff," plus a beginning, middle and end similar to "Black Widow" featuring Rita Ora.

"Anytime there's a video with a strong narrative and you really get to play a character and perform that character and give the character its own quirks and things, you really get to have fun with it," the Aussie rapper said.

And although they haven't wrapped on set, the ladies can already see a sequel in sight: "It's definitely that type of video that you could see a part two coming about," JHud said.

"Not to hype it up or anything," Iggy chimed in. "I'm just saying."