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Nobody Wanted To Clap Along With Paul McCartney At The Grammys

The man gave zero effs anyway.

Who knew Robyn's "Dancing on My Own" was the story of Sir Paul McCartney's life?

McCartney was really feeling Jeff Lynne's performance of "Evil Woman" at the 2015 Grammys -- and he might have been the only one. The music legend was caught clapping and singing along to the ELO classic à la every Taylor Swift gif ever. He was just dancing on his own, you know? The very sight made us giddy, tbh.

Dare we say he was dancing like no one was watching? Except we were watching. And when McCartney caught sight of the cameras, he promptly sat back down in his seat. Don't be embarrassed, Sir Paul! We would have totally clapped along with you.

We think this Beatle could learn a few things from our Queen Tay Sway. Never stop being you, Paul McCartney.