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Kristen Wiig Wigs Out In A Sia Wig At The Grammys

Sia's 'Chandelier' performance was the best kind of weird.

Sia brought the much-needed weird to the 57th Annual Grammy Awards with her performance of her Grammy-nominated "Chandelier," featuring pint-sized dancer Maddie Ziegler and... wait for it... Kristen Wiig. Is your mouth forming the word "What?!" right now? You are not alone.

After showing up to the Grammys (Ziegler in tow) kitted out like a dandelion right before it spreads its seeds to the winds, Sia enlisted Shia LeBeouf -- who danced in her "Elastic Heart" video -- to introduce her performance with what appeared to be some kind of poem. Sample line: "Punch me if I stop crying." Weirdness on point, friends. Weirdness on point.

The scene then cut to some kind of Miss Havisham-esque basement room replete with hanging lightbulbs and all manner of drapery, where Wiig -- Sia wig, flesh-toned leotard and all -- began aping the dance moves from the singer's "Chandelier" video. Ziegler joined in, the two dancing and dance-fighting as Sia stood at the back of the room, singing to the wall (as she is wont to do).

A perfect capper to an album cycle replete with fabulously creative anonymous performances, "Chandelier" brimmed with the humor of Lena Dunham's rendition of the song on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" and the tension and pathos of Ziegler's physical embodiment of both that song and "Elastic Heart."